In running your day to day operation, you know that every little detail must be accounted for. Especially when it comes to billing. Bidx2 automates the invoice and chargeback process for you based on your billing needs.

Some benefits include:

  • No paperwork
  • Automate customer invoicing
  • Reduce/ eliminate errors
  • Chargeback your vendors when necessary
  • Automate statements
  • Complete order/ billing history/ summary

Increase your cash flow & profitability with timely and efficient billing with Bidx2.

How can Bidx2 Help build your business ?

Everything starts with sales. Before you complete a project and make a profit, you first need to successfully sell your services and win the project. That is where Bidx2 comes in. Bidx2 is a powerful cloud-based estimating platform with a full suite of tools and features to help you prepare estimates faster and more accurately. Bidx2 allows you to control all your data: materials, labor, equipment etc in an easy to use format. Switch to Bidx2 now and you could prepare yours estimates as much as 5x faster then with Excel!

What are some of the main features of Bidx2 ?

  • Create Accurate Estimates in a Few Minutes
  • Manage Crews, Equipment, Materials and More
  • Customer Approval with Electronic Signature
  • Create Custom Items in Seconds
  • 100% Mobile Functionality
  • Import your data from Excel with CSV files
  • Equipment daily cost calculator
  • Subcontractor bid invitation tool
  • Low monthly cost

Do you know how much your equipment cost ?

Bidx2 includes powerful tools like the equipment cost calculator so you can stop guessing and start preparing accurate estimate today!

Easily build custom cost items

Bidx2 allows you to build custom items in a container format so you can easily and remove costs on the fly.

Estimate summery

Every estimate includes a summery of items, markup and cost categories with easy to understand charts.

Store multiple customer contacts

Electronic signature

Now your client can approve your estimates easier then ever before!

How can Bidx2 help you provide stellar service with ease?

It’s simple. The core of our focus is on Service Solutions. Our goal is to help you not only increase sales but accelerate your service levels, promote & protect your brand all while adding more to the bottom line.