How can BidX² help my business?

BidX² was built by contractors, for contractors. We know estimating because we do it every day. We designed BidX² to help you prepare estimates Faster and Easier. With BidX², you can set up and use standard crews with individual productivities and standard item templates so you do not have to build every estimate from scratch each time. Simply put, BidX² will help you do more bids in less time so you can sell more jobs.
Have you ever wanted help estimating? BidX² is so much easier than Excel or large programs when training new estimators. The look and feel of BidX² is industry standard so that new estimators can get started right away. BidX² protects you against the mistakes that new users tend to make by standardizing items and crews and also preventing new users from deleting estimates and cost components.

What are the main features of BidX²?

BidX² is a database Web-Application that is available on any device operating a standard web browser, anywhere there an internet connection! Here are some of the Main Features of BidX²:

  • Database: BidX² uses a database to sort and store all your cost components such as labor, materials and equipment. You can update all of your costs in a few minutes by editing them in one place.
  • Mobile: BidX² is available anywhere there is a standard browser and an internet connection. Now you can prepare estimates in the field, in your truck, on the jobsite, at home, at the office…. Anywhere there is an internet connection. The estimate is updated in real-time, instantly. Prepare estimates on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • E-Signature: With BidX² you can send estimates that your client can electronically sign and their signature is instantly saved in your BidX² account as a PDF. In addition, you can send estimates as a PDF, download them as a PDF to send manually or print them.
  • Cost Templates: Use BidX² to build cost templates such as Crews and Item Templates. Once you build a crew or item template, you can use them again and again to quickly build an estimate. In addition, you can assign a standard productivity rate to each crew.

How long does it take to setup my BidX² when first starting?

The amount of time it takes to set up your BidX² platform the first time is tiny compared to the amount of time you end up saving as you use this powerful tool.
In general, the larger the contracting business the longer it will take to enter your equipment, labor, material and other costs because there are simply more of these components in larger companies. We have helped contractors get started in as little as 1 hour. Also, we designed BidX² to allow import of many cost components from Excel via Comma Separated Files. This means that we can import all of your clients for example in just one minute from an Excel spreadsheet! We believe that most contractors can get started building estimates on BidX² in under 2 hours.

How many users can I have on my account?

Every contractor is automatically set up as an Admin. The admin can add up to (1) additional user to their account with the Regular monthly plan. As Admin, You can upgrade to the Advanced monthly plan to add up to (2) users.

What are the differences between an Admin and a User?

An Admin has total access and privileges including estimate deletion, account deactivation, cost component deletion and authority to add or delete users. Users can build new estimates and cost components but cannot delete them. Also, only the admin is authorized to upgrade to a different plan and to handle billing matters.

Are there any additional costs when using BidX²?

Ordinarily no. The monthly cost includes updates, ongoing browser compatibility, new features and general maintenance.
The only additional costs are for technical support such as assistance with recovering accidentally deleted information or specific issue guidance and for first time set-up.
There is a cost of technical support is $75.00 per hour. Generally, most issues are minor and do not require more than the minimum time of one hour.
We offer optional assistance to contractors setting up their BidX² for the first time. This includes importing cost components (such as customer list, labor, materials, etc.) from Excel with CSV files. At this time we are offering complete setup and import assistance on new accounts for only $99.00

Why should I use BidX² instead of other options?

BidX² is Affordable, Mobile and Powerful.
BidX² has many of the same features as heavy construction estimating programs that cost $50k or more, plus several thousand dollars a year for software support!
BidX² is not a natively installed application and does not require lengthy updates and maintenance. Instead, it is a Cloud-based, Web-Application that is available to you anywhere there is an internet connection. You will never pay additional subscription support costs, only a tiny monthly fee and a la carte support as needed!
Further, in comparison to using Excel spreadsheets, BidX² is literally worlds ahead. Excel spreadsheets are notoriously prone to errors (cell formulas), are complicated to build and even when they are set up properly, it is difficult to entrust them to new estimators who can easily overwrite a formula or make a mistake by clicking the wrong cell. With BidX², all your cost components are in one place for easy updating. Estimates can be copied, edited and emailed on the fly.
BidX² is based on the standard Windows look and feel, which allows new users to become competent in a very short time – onboarding could not be easier with BidX².

What type of contractors are using BidX²?

BidX² is suitable for a wide variety of contracting trades. Any contractor who values a tool that is easy to use, easy to train new users in and allows for fast estimate preparation will benefit with BidX². Some trades that are suitable for BidX² are:

  • Pavement Construction
  • Painting Contractors
  • Concrete & Masonry
  • Grading & Sitework
  • Underground Utilities
  • Drywall & Framing
  • Fence Contractors
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Sealcoat & Asphalt Maintenance
  • Excavation & Drainage
  • General Contractors
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • And more…

How do I send estimates with BidX²?

BidX² was built with your final estimate in mind. After all, that is the deliverable that your client will see before deciding to hire you or not.
There are (3) ways to send an estimate in BidX²:

  • Electronic Signature: With BidX² tou can send an estimate that allows your client to sign electronically with their finger (as long as the device is touchscreen), their mouse or a stylus. When the user signs the electronic signature, a digital picture of the estimate with their signature is saved to your database for you to keep for legal purposes.
  • Estimate as a PDF document: With BidX² you can send any estimate as a PDF directly to your customer using the email you have saved in your database for that customer.
  • You can download an estimate as PDF to send it manually or to print it in a printer.

What happens if I accidentally delete an estimate or my whole database?

All deletion by an Admin is “soft deletion”. BidX² is managed by a team of software experts and only (1) expert is a Super Admin who can restore the deleted information. In case of an emergency, we will work with you to recover the soft-deleted information and restore it to your account.

What does X² mean in the BidX² name?

It has been our hope, as fellow contractors, that BidX² would help contractors to improve their business by building estimates FASTER and EASIER so they can win more jobs.
We believe that a contractor can improve their business exponentially when these 2 factors (SPEED and EASE OF USE) are increased – X² represents the exponential improvement of the contracting business relating to these 2 important factors.

Can I cancel BidX² if I don’t want to continue using it?

We sincerely hope that everyone will benefit enormously by using BidX², but in the unusual circumstance that this is not the case, all you need to do is cancel your subscription in your account settings area and your credit card will not be charged again.